Enermous Foam Tapes and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Enermous primary focus is the manufacturing of value-added polyurethane and pressure sensitive adhesive products which is widely used in the automotive, building and construction, appliance industry etc. Backed by 13 years of industry expertise, we offer value for money, technical solutions for broad range of sealing and insulation. Enermous Foam Tapes and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives is a proud Level 1 BBBEE Contributor with a 100 percent Black Woman Owned and Managed.


The most common acrylic adhesives in the self-adhesive tape industry are solvent-based acrylics and water-based acrylics. It is common for the differences between these two types of acrylics to be unclear when choosing an adhesive tape. Solvent-based acrylic adhesives are acrylic polymers in petroleum-based solvents. The advantage of solvent-based adhesives is their strength, toughness and durability over time. It is true that they provide superior shear and peel resistance than water-based adhesives, however, their solvents make them highly polluting. They are also more expensive than water-based adhesives.

Water-based acrylic adhesives, also called emulsion, dispersion, solvent-free or water-based adhesives, use water to separate their adhesive molecules. When the water evaporates, strong bonds are formed. One of the main advantages of water-based adhesives is that they are environmentally friendly due to their low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and are an economically viable alternative to solvent-based adhesives.

It is for this reason that Enermous has shifted the trend to water-based adhesives versus solvents, for the manufacturing of their pressure sensitive tapes, in order to minimise the impact of pollutants.

In summary: water-based acrylic adhesives are very versatile, environmentally friendly, more economical and therefore an exceptional choice when choosing a technical adhesive tape.

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