Enermous Investments CC is a small business enterprise that has been in operation since 2005.

It is currently owned, managed and operated by an empowered team lead by Sugeshnee Naidoo as the Managing Member.

The primary focus of the business is the manufacturing of value-added polyurethane and pressure sensitive adhesive products which is widely used in the automotive, building and construction, white goods industry etc. Backed by 12 years of industry expertise, we offer value for money, technical solutions for broad range of sealing and insulation.

Level 1 Contributor [100% Female Owned]


Our vision is to be recognised as the preferred supplier of foam tapes and pressure sensitive adhesive Internationally for both the construction, white goods and automotive markets.

• To ensure that our service, quality and deliveries are at the highest level
• Price competitiveness
• Continuous Improvements
• Build sound customer and supplier relationships


We recognize that employee development and welfare is vital to the success of our company, and all the employees are considered part of Enermous family.

The company pledges to do the following:

• Strive to achieve the goal of zero accidents and injuries.
• Provide mechanical and physical safeguards wherever they are necessary.
• Conduct routine safety and health inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions, control health hazards, and comply with all applicable OR-OSHA safety and health requirements.
• Train all employees in safe work practices and procedures.
• Provide employees with necessary personal protective equipment and train them to use and care for it properly.
• Enforce company safety and health rules and require employees to follow the rules as a condition of employment.
• Investigate accidents to determine the cause and prevent similar accidents.


Quality is not just another goal for Enermous, it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth and we will always ensure high quality standards by using the best manufacturing practices in all our activities.

To achieve these goals Enermous commits to the following:

1. We are all accountable to our customers, both internal and external for the quality of our work and we will perform to the best of our capabilities at all times.

2. Making continuous improvement and innovation a part of every day and every activity we do through the use of team participation and measurements.

3. We shall consistently strive to improve our quality through learning, sharing, benchmarking, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programmes.

4. Ensuring that our Policy and Procedure Manuals reflect what we actually do.

5. We actively promote this policy across all levels of our employees and encourage them to embrace quality as their personal commitment.


General Foam Market

• Supply converted foam sheets to general upholsterers who service the after-market furniture and automotive industries.
• General Public (Walk-in Trade) were we supply foam products converted to the customers specific needs for their general household applications.

Building and Construction Industry

• Supply foam tape clicked / strip cut in various sizes which is used for sealing of expansion joints and other applications where tight seals are required.
• Supply convoluted foam for sound-proofing/noise dampening applications.

White Goods / Appliance Industry

• Supply foam tape which is used as an insulator in the white goods industry. The functionality being similar to the expansion joint application where residual air/gas is allowed to escape with the primary filler contained resulting in a “void less” structure.

Automotive Industry

• Supply foam tape which is used as an insulator, dust protector, weather sealant etc.
• Foam tapes are also used as a gasketing tapes. Adhesive-coated foam tapes are compressible sealants that close up an area between two matched substrates

42 Bulman Road |  Mkondeni
Pietermaritzburg | 3201
KwaZulu Natal | South Africa

P.O. BOX 3

+27 83 232 2731
+27 73 138 4311